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A large number of homeowners, particularly those who immigrated to the US, are unaware of the rules, especially Florida's diverse population, are unaware of the proper processes to build, maintain, or remodel their homes in accordance with state regulations and federal due to their lack of knowledge, they could incur expensive fines that are so large that they could lose their homes.


The primary goal is to empower homeowners with the knowledge needed to ensure full compliance with state regulations, possess the proper permits, and adhere to building code standards. 
The overarching objective of these regulations is to mitigate the damage caused by hurricanes, with specific procedures tailored to different regions based on their exposure to storms, necessitating stricter compliance for those near the coast.

The recent implementation of a new building code has significantly diminished the extent of destruction caused by hurricanes in Florida. This has resulted in reduced damage, primarily limited to flooding, with older buildings, predating the adoption of the new regulations, bearing the brunt. Consistent evaluations and enhancements to the code underscore its ongoing significance, highlighting the imperative to educate the community about these regulations to prevent both human and material losses.

Below we will present some cases of Florida homeowners and testimonials about the benefits of the Company's services that prevented these people from losing their properties due to lack of permits or unsafe construction.

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