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Learn for FREE! How to Get a Building Permit in Florida and Solutions to Code Violations on Your Property, particularly in the face of weather events like hurricanes and tropical storms, with our upcoming PUBLIC SEMINARS 

About Us

Need to do a renovation or remodeling project on your property and don't know how to get the required building permit?

We can help you...

RM CONSTRUCTION GROUP provides free seminars on the consequences of failing to obtain the proper permits, thereby spreading awareness among U.S. homeowners, and helping them secure their properties and livelihood, teaching the Florida Building Code for flooding, wind-resistant construction that improves building performance during hurricanes and tropical storms. 


Additionally, we will offer a full suite of construction and permit renewal consulting services to U.S. homeowners, ensuring they can maintain ownership of their homes and their substantial contribution to the U.S. economy in general.​


The Company’s will help clients through every step of filing and submitting proper permits to relevant state authorities to complete their residential renovation, remodel, or construction. Further, the Company will provide consultancy on completing remodeling projects in accordance with building codes and the permits that the client has submitted.

Audience and Lecturer

Our Services


I do recommend the new company that will guide Florida homeowners on how to comply with all local and state regulation for building or renovating their properties contributing to the the broader American economy. 

Gaston Schneider

 I highly recommend this Company who will provide guidance to Florida homeowners on how to comply with all local and state regulations for building or renovating their properties, which will help protect communities and also benefit the US economy. 

Luis Andino

I can affirm that RM Construction Group will be a successful company in the United States focused on providing expert home renovation and construction consulting services to Florida homeowners.

Ana Herrera


8333 NW 53rd St Suite 450 Miami, FL 33166

1 (954) 865- 8945

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