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RM Construction Group is Company focused on providing expert home renovation and construction consulting services to Florida homeowners. 

The company will help clients through every step of filing and submitting paperwork to obtain the proper building permits to the relevant state authorities to complete their residential renovation, remodeling, or construction.

The company will also offer a range of services, notably by providing free public information seminars and courses on the potential risks of building or renovating real estate without proper permits.

These seminars will spotlight the potential risks associated with construction and renovation without proper permits, particularly in the face of weather events like hurricanes and tropical storms, prevalent in Florida for 50% of the year. Hurricanes remind us that we must invest in sustainable infrastructure, we must concentrate efforts on projects designed to take into account the impacts of climatic events throughout the life of the property.


Our seminars and courses will help our community better understand the necessary steps homeowners need to take when thinking about buying, building or renovating their properties.

We will educate diverse homeowners on how they can build, maintain, and renovate their homes in full compliance with state regulations and with the proper permits, to avoid losing their property due to code violations.

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Guide and assist homeowners through complimentary seminars on navigating and adhering to local and state regulations for constructing or renovating their properties. Contribute to the development of climate-resilient communities that prioritize health, safety, and economic well-being

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